NMV library

The Library of the Dutch Mycological Society (NMV)

The NMV possesses an extensive library, consisting of sometimes rare and/or old books about mushrooms, but also on other natural history subjects, and of periodicals and offprints from all parts of the world.

The NMV library is located in the library of the Central Bureau of Mould Cultures (CBS), on the University campus the Uithof in Utrecht. The NMV library is accessible by appointment for NMV members and for guests of the CBS. A pc is available and copying of articles from books and journals is possible on a limited scale.

To visit the NMV library, make an appointment with:
  • the NMV librarian, Gerard Verkley (by telephoning reception or by email)
  • the CBS librarian, Marjan Vermaas (by telephoning reception or by email)

  • The Address of the NMV library is:
    p/a Centraal Bureau voor Schimmelcultures
    Telephone reception: +31302122600
    Street address: Uppsalalaan 8, 3584 CT Utrecht
    Postal address: Postbus 85167, 3508 AD Utrecht