Catharina Cool
Catharina Cool Catharina Cool (1874-1928)
Coolia 11(1-3) 1964
Catharina Cool occupies a very special place in the NMV and it is no co-incidence that since 1954 her name lives on in the title of our quarterly journal "Coolia", which from 1964 to 1977 carried a drawing of Lepiota odorata, discovered by her and described in 1918. In his 1943 revision Huijsman instigated the Coolia family in her honour and renamed it Coolia odorata (now Squamanita odorata).

Coolia 20(4) 1977
J.S. Meulenhof wrote: "Not only was she a hard-working member and custodian of our association, not only did she devote herself with all her strength to scientific work and all her time to our association, our collection in Leiden and to the investigation of the Dutch mycoflora, but she will also occupy first place in our memories as enthusiasm incarnate and inspired missionary".
Catharina Coola worked for many years at the National Herbarium in Leiden as custodian of the NMV. She had a great store of mushroom lore which she propagated on countless excursions, but also in cooking lesssons for housewives.
Catharina Cool Photo: Catharina Cool in the Willie Commelin Scholten Laboratory in Amsterdam.

Mushrooms named after her:
Coolia macrocephala (Schulzer) Huijsman (= Leucopaxillus m.)
Coolia odorata (Cool) Huijsman (= Squamanita o.)
Coolia schreieri Huijsman
Mycena cooliana Oort
Mycenella cooliana (Oort) Singer

Het paddestoelenboek (1943) Het paddestoelenboekje (1913) Het Paddenstoelenboekje ('The Mushroom Book')was for many decades (from 1913 to well beyond 1970) one of the most important books for the determination of mushrooms in the Dutch language area...

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