Aphyllophorales Workgroup Cristella
Cristella’ is an Aphyllophorales study group. The primary objects of study are therefore fungi growing on wood, crust fungi, club and coral fungi, jelly and hedgehog fungi. The objective is to extend knowledge of these groups, both in breadth and in depth. Because the scope for professional mycologists in The Netherlands is ever decreasing, there is the threat of knowledge being lost and scarcely any chance of broadening and deepening it. As this problem also concerns other groups of fungi, members of the study group also devote attention to other non-gill-bearing fungi so that Ascomycetes too come within their field of study.
The working group regularly organises activities. Anyone wishing to participate must at least possess a microscope and have some experience with microscopic determination of fungi as the majority of species cannot be determined in the field.
Study weekends

Cristella’ organises a study weekend once or twice a year. This usually happens outside the ‘normal’ mushroom season, in the spring or late autumn, which is not a problem because many Aphyllophorales and Ascomycetes can be found throughout the year. During these weekends excursions are held to collect material which is microscopically determined in the afternoons and evenings. Participants take their own microscope and all relevant literature. The weekends are an excellent opportunity to share experience and knowledge.

Send for more information an e-mail to Eduard Osieck.

Dikke kelderzwam - Coniophora puteana
Dennenharszwam - Phlebiopsis gigantea
Weke aderzwam - Leucogyrophana romellii
Dakloze huiszwam - Serpula himantioides
Paarse dennenzwam - Trichaptum abietinum
Oranje aderzwam - Phlebia radiata
Phlebia radiata & Mycoacia uda
Hyphodontia cf. barbajovis
Grijze gaatjeszwam - Bjerkandera adusta
Paarse eikenkorstzwam - Peniophora quercina
Leerachtige korstzwam - Lopharia spadicea
Dennenbloedzwam - Stereum sanguinolentum
Twijgkorstzwam - Stereum ochraceoflavum
Waaierkorstzwam - Stereum subtomentosum
Gewoon elfenbankje - Trametes versicolor
Dennennaaldspleetlip - Lophodermium pinastri
Kleinsporige kogelzwam - Hypoxylon howeianum
Krentenpapspinragschijfje - Eriopezia caesia
Hulstdekselbekertje door Aldert Gutter
Spatelhoorntje door Aldert Gutter
Geweizwam door Aldert Gutter
Photos above by Aldert Gutter (mushroomnames behind the pointer)