Dutch Rust Fungi
The long expected Book of Rusts by Aad Termorshuizen and Charlotte Schwertz was presented on Monday evening, 10 October, in a cosy little church hall in Renkum. A small symposium had been arranged around the presentation at which speakers such as Peter-Jan Keizer, Hans de Gruyter and Thom Kuyper shed special light on the concepts of species and biodiversity. At the opening, Peter-Jan spoke about the fact that at the present time no more funding is available for taxonomic research and that scientists have to write their books in their own free time and also have to publish them privately as well.
The Book of Rusts took four years to write

Charlotte and Aad with their new book

The first copy of “Rusts of The Netherlands” was presented to Huub van der Aa, who as ‘nestor of rust specialists’, made a great deal of literature and herbarium material available.

Huub van der Aa ontvangt het eerste exemplaar

Professor J.C. Zadoks also receives a copy. His lifelong research into rusts on Common Sea-lavender was an inspiration.

Professor J.C. Zadoks also receives a copy

Photos: Jan-Kees Goud

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