Fungus-friendly nature management
The Mushrooms and Nature Conservation Committee of the Netherlands Mycological Association ensures mycological input into the management policies for many kinds of areas of natural interest. It advises those responsible for natural areas (large organisations such as the National Trust and the State Forestry Commission, but also private landowners or municipal parks authorities) on mushroom-friendly estate management, ensures input into MERs (Environmental Effect Reports) and coordinates specific inventories of areas for which management plans have to be drawn up at short notice.

The Mushrooms and Nature Conservation Committee has produced a number of pamphlets with concrete recommendations for more mushroom-friendly nature management. These were published in Coolia 44: 233-249 (2001) and you can download these texts as PDF files below. You can open them (with the left-hand mouse-button) or download them (with the right-hand mouse-button) by clicking on the links below. They cover the following subjects (articles in Dutch):

Article in Coolia 44 (2001)
General hints for mushroom-friendly land management
Mushroom management in woods
Mushroom management in coastal dunes
Mushroom management in grasslands
Mushroom management on country estates and avenues
Mushroom management in the urban environment
PMushroom management in driftsands, heaths and raised peat-bogs

Soon after publication in Coolia these pamphlets were included in the book 'Mushroom-friendly nature management' (P.J. Keizer, 2003). Somewhat older, but still valuable, is the Scientific Communicatio "Mushrooms and nature management" (WM 212, Th. Kuyper (red.), 1994). Both books can be ordered via the order page.
Paddestoelvriendelijk natuurbeheer

WM nr. 212