100 jaar mycologische tijdschriften in Nederland
Journals of the Nederlandse Mycologische Vereniging
'Coolia' has not always been the NMV members' journal. In the first few years there was no periodical at all. Not until 1914 did the 'Mededeelingen' (Proceedings) appear. In 1929 'Fungus' was also established, so that for many years there were two periodicals. The last 'Mededeelingen' appeared in 1952. 'Fungus' existed until 1958 so that it continued for four years alongside 'Coolia', which was established in 1954.
Source: A.E. Jansen (1983), Uit de geschiedenis van de Nederlandse Mycologische Vereniging. Coolia 26(4), pp 83-92.

Meededelingen van de Nederlandsche Mycologische Vereeniging
In 1914 the society elected an Editorial Committee, which was to concern itself with the editorship of the 'Mededeelingen van de NMV' (Proceedings of the NMV), which was to appear more or less regularly. But the periodical did not appear every year and there was a wide gap between the penultimate issue in 1946 and the final issue, volume 30, which did not appear until 1952.
The 'Proceedings' published annual reports and lists of members as well as scientific articles, but in the course of the 1920's the periodical became ever more scientific. Besides, it appeared only once a year and sometimes a year was missed out. The call for a slimmer periodical that appeared several times a year and was more popular and easier to read became ever louder.
Below: the cover and the first page of volume 25 of the 'Proceedings' of 1941.
Mededeelingen XXV Mededeelingen XXV

The periodical ‘Fungus’ started in 1929. This gave an impulse to membership, which had been crumbling away for years, but which now rapidly increased from 225 to around 300. Some of the members still found the contents “too scientific” and the editors were faced with discussions at nearly every meeting. For most of its life ‘Fungus’ existed alongside the ‘Proceedings’ (of which the last number appeared in 1952) and in its last years it continued to appear alongside ‘Coolia’ (which was started in 1954). In 1959 it was decided to stop ‘Fungus’ for financial reasons but also because the National Herbarium was going to publish ‘Persoonia’ which was intended as its successor.
Below: four numbers of ‘Fungus’: the “first announcement number” and the first official number from 1929; below that two numbers without covers, the second being the last number, 1958. During the second world war ‘Fungus’ appeared regularly, but thinner and without covers. Publication was probably illegal as the society had never responded to “requests” to become a member of the “press guild”. The issue that should have appeared in October 1944 did not appear until December 1945; all that time the copy remained in the safe at Veenman’s the printers.
Fungus 20(4) Fungus 28(1-4)

A correspondence magazine called ‘Coolia’ was established in 1954 which was to contain reports and convocations as well as popular floristic and systematic articles. The new periodical was to be issued six times a year, in addition to ‘Fungus’, which was to continue to appear once or twice a year. But after 1958 ‘Fungus’ was discontinued and ‘Coolia’ was left as the society’s only periodical. In the first few years ‘Coolia’ was stencilled under the editorship of Dr. C. Bas, who handed the reins over to Mr. P.B. Jansen under whose editorship ‘Coolia’ expanded into an offset periodical with a stiffer colourful cover. All this time ‘Coolia’ appeared six times a year (though sometimes two numbers were issued together in one cover). Dr. J.A. Stalpers took over the editorship in 1973, supported by Dr. R.A. Samson (both of the Central Bureau for Mould Cultures in Baarn). ‘Coolia’ became a bit thicker and better produced and started to appear four times a year on set dates. In the past 33 years ‘Coolia’ has undergone two changes of format at the hands of various editors but this always lead to improvements and the journal grew in thickness. The first colour photos appeared in 1997 in Coolia 40(2), an event which, on account of the costs, initially lead to heated discussions during the annual general meeting. Financial considerations have limited the number of pages with colour photos to eight up to the present but the cover has also been in full colour since 2007.
Below: the first number of ‘Coolia’ from 1954, the jubilee number of 1983 (75 years NMV), the cover of an index showing ten different ‘Coolia’ covers, and the most recent number. You can download pdf files of the oldest issues of ‘Coolia’ here. More recent volumes (from 34) can be ordered from our order page. You can also download indices to the years from 1981: click here.
Coolia 26(4)
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