Coolia, journal of the Netherlands Mycological Society

Index Coolia updated to 2014

See below to download the Coolia indices.
We are working on digital indices to all volumes of Coolia in searchable PDF format. The downloadable PDFs in the list below will therefore be constantly replaced by new versions.
To facilitate overviewability the index has been divided into eleven parts.
Last update: 25-11-2018

In Memoriam
Association announcements
Book reviews (arranged by first author)
Articles (arranged by author)
Special subjects
Determination keys
Colour photographs of mushrooms (arranged by genus name)
Geographical location by “hour plots” (5x5 km squares) (available from 2003 to 2017)
Geographical location by place name
First find reports for The Netherlands
Index of mushroom names (arranged by epitheton)

PDF files of old numbers
You can download PDF files of old numbers of Coolia. This way you can refer to all Coolia publications. From the more recent numbers (from 2009) you can download the articles as separate PDF files.
Surf to the Coolia download site.

All files are in Dutch.