Coolia occasionally publishes (provisional) determination keys. These may cover a whole genus, or sometimes even a family or tribe. The advantage is that such a key always covers Dutch material and is generally complete for all species known from The Netherlands (and sometimes Belgium). Such a key is then more complete than any book! Via the link below you can find all the keys published in Coolia since 1962 under genus and family names. If you do not have the relevant issue of Coolia you can consult it in the NMV library.

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De Aardsterren van Nederland en BelgiŽ
Leo M. Jalink (1995)

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H. Jahn, bewerkt door Peter-Jan Keizer (1992)

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WM 52
Pezizales I

WM 69
Pezizales II

WM 80

WM 88
clavarioide fungi

WM 113