Atte van den Berg
T.A. (Atte) van den Berg

departed this life on 9 August 2017 (view the funeral card)

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Huub van der Aa
Dr. H.A. (Huub) van der Aa

departed this life on 7 May 2017 (view the funeral card)

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Walter Gams
Prof. Dr. K.W. (Walter) Gams

departed this life on 9 April 2017 (view the funeral card)

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CBS-KNAW is now Westerdijk Institute
Westerdijk-logo Honouring the first director: The CBS-KNAW becomes the Westerdijk Fungal Biodiversity Institute. In 1907 Johanna Westerdijk became director of the CBS. She started with a mere 80 living fungi in the collection. Under her inspiring leadership the collection of CBS-KNAW evolved into the largest and most all-round microbial fungal resource centre in the world, containing over 100.000 different species today. She was a renowned multi-talented scientist, a believer in equal opportunity and inclusion and a globetrotter; a true ‘homo universalis’. She thought that fungi held a promising potential in contributing to solve the world’s greatest challenges. Surf to WesterdijkInstitute!
Johanna Westerdijk
Westerdijk Anniversary
On 10 February 2017, it will be 100 years ago that Johanna Westerdijk held her inaugural address at Utrecht University as the first female professor in the Netherlands. She was a Professor of Phytopathology (Plant Pathology) as well as the Director of the CBS-KNAW Fungal Biodiversity Centre. In 2017, the 'Westerdijk Anniversary' (Johanna Westerdijkjaar), multiple organizations will commemorate her contributions to science and women's position in science. Read more.

Merit Award by Dutch Language Foundation to the Committee for Dutch Mushroom Names Committee
Lofprijs Thanks to the 500 names given to mushrooms in 2016 by the NMV and KVMV, our Dutch Names Committee (DNC) was nominated for the 2016 Merit Award. No fewer than 640 votes were cast for the “Netherlands-Flanders mycologists’ committee”, which amounted to more than 80% of all votes! Our DNC consists of both Flemish and Dutch mycologists and the initiative taken by the Dutch Language Foundation is also Flemish-Dutch, so it is logical that we were able to fend off several Flemish professors who also do their best for the Dutch language!
Read all about it on the Dutch Language Foundation website!

Cool & Van der Lek Prize 2017
During the New Year meeting on 14 January in Wageningen the Cool & Van der Lek Prize was awarded to Aldert Gutter. He received the prize for “exceptional services” which consist and have consisted in the organisation of the NMV excursion programme from 1998 to 2003, organising several association and Cristella weekends, coordination of the Working Group Mushroom Mapping Netherlands (WPN) from 2002 to 2015, setting up, designing and managing the NMV websites (four URLs), including the award-winning website (Everything About Mushrooms). Read more.

Rusts of The Netherlands reprinted!

Roesten van Nederland After being sold out for nearly two years an unaltered reprint of 'Roesten van Nederland' (‘Rusts of The Netherlands’) has been published. Although the original idea was to further improve the book, sufficient time could not be found. An index of rusts and an index of host plants have been compiled which can be downloaded free of charge as well as a list of additions and errata. The advantage of an unaltered reprint is that it is relatively cheap. The first printing was € 42.50, the reprint costs only € 30. The lower price can also be partly attributed to the choice of soft covers. The price is exclusive of postage and packing. To order the book and download the indices go to the order page.

25 January: Coolia index expanded. The indices to the years 2003-2014 can be downloaded as PDF files. Surf to the index site.

Prijswinnaars 2015 Cool & Van der Lek Prize awarded to
Henk Lammers and
Wim Ligterink
During the New Year Meeting on 10 January in Wageningen the bi-annual prize for great service to the NMV was awarded to two people Henk Lammers and Wim Ligterink. Both of them, each in his own separate way, have devoted much effort over many years to spreading the love for and knowledge of mushrooms.
Read all about it!

Huub van der Aa onderscheiden Royal decoration for Huub van der Aa

On 8 February 2014 our honorary member Huub van der Aa received a royal decoration for his work as a volunteer with a number of organisations, mainly his input over many years as a member of the governing body of the Friends of the Baarn Canton-park Foundation, but also on account of his many activities for the NMV.

One of the greatest mycologists our country has known,
a dedicated scientist who laid the foundations for the “Leiden School” of mycological taxonomy, Amanita expert, story teller and
always ready to help others with his infectious enthusiasm

Kees Bas

departed this life on 10 February 2013

Amanita timida

Amanita timida Corner & Bas (drawing with the original description by C. Bas)

The cremation have taken place in Leiden on 16 February

Grieta Fransen
Cool & Van der Lek prize for Grieta Fransen
Grieta Fransen has been awarded the Cool & Van der Lek prize for her many years of effort as consul supporting people, especially members of the NMV Dutch Mycological Association. She organises a South-Holland mushroom meeting twice a year and is always present during study weeks and Cristella weekends for which she compiles the lists of finds. She also selflessly enters thousands of mapping data for those members without a computer. She is also active on the forum of where she helps people to label their finds correctly. Read more...

31st October: After a good seventeen years of natural history research in Coovels Wood near Helmond the counter stands at 2001 species of mushrooms, of which a great many are new for The Netherlands. The results of this research have now been collated in a book with the title “Not just any old wood…!!”

VIII International Photography Exhibition “Fungi Kingdom”
The VIII International Photography Exhibition “Fungi Kingdom” is opened on May 24 in the exhibition hall of the Natural History Museum in Novi Sad (Serbia). Visit the website.

Recently perceived: The European Mycological Association (EMA) has awarded Eef Arnolds in November 2011. Read more!

1 April: from now on the  Yellow Supplement  to Coolia with the programme of excursions can be downloaded as a PDF file from the Agenda.

Walter Gams Walter Gams distinguished
For his scientific work relating to earth moulds, for which he is held worldwide in high regard, Prof. Dr. Walter Gams will be awarded the Anton de Bary Medal 2012. The ceremony is planned for 11 September 2012. Read more information on the website of the German Phytomedicinal Society.

Dutch Rust Fungi 10 October 2011
The Book of Rusts by Aad Termorshuizen and Charlotte Schwertz was presented. Read more!

January 2011
Cool & Van der Lek Prize award winner 2011 is Piet Kelderman

April 2010:
Online Atlas of Mushroom Distribution available!
Ad van den Berg and Laurens Sparrius presented the new online atlas of mushroom distribution today in Leiden. Surf to the Online Atlas of Mushroom Distribution!

Pilze xder SchweizComplete Index to ‘Pilze der Schweiz’ (Mushrooms of Switzerland) parts 1-6
This complete index is already included in part 6 of Pilze der Schweiz (F. Kränzlin, 2005), but nothing is more irritating than first having to pull part 6 off the shelf in order to look up a species in one of the other volumes. It is a lot easier if the index is to hand on your desk so that you can then take out the right book at once! Fred Kränzlin offers this PDF file for free use.

Funga NordicaUseful index to Funga Nordica
The index to this important work is organised on the basis of genus names. As it is sometimes easier to search by species name, Marjo and Nico Dam have produced an index based on species names, in consultation with the authors.
You can download this index as a PDF file.

NMV Standpoint concerning PADDO (magic mushroom) prohibition sent to Minister Klink of Public Health, Welfare and Sport.

On Saturday 10th January the Cool & Van der Lek Prize was awarded to Friedjof van den Bergh and Ger van Zanen. Read more...

Stamps for 100 years of the NMV

The best mushrooming locations in the Netherlands

Some time ago, the Commission on Fungi and Nature Conservation of the NMV has published a list of our best sites for mushroom hunting, based on a so-called Red-List-index. An actualised form of this list (in Dutch, but most of it is coordinates anyway) can here be downloaded by (right- or left-, depending on the browser) clicking on the following link to the 200 crown jewels.

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