Mycological publications in The Netherlands
Coolia Coolia
Journal of the Netherlands' Mycological Society. Appearing quarterly, the bulletin contains papers on various mycological subjects, the societies agenda, the excursion programme, etc. More info...
Stekelzwammen Stekelzwammen van Nederland en BelgiŽ
Supplement to Coolia 46(3) (2003), with keys to and descriptions and colour photographs of the Dutch and Belgian species of Tooth fungi.
Verspreidingsatlas De Aardsterren van Nedereland en BelgiŽ
(Leo M. Jalink (1995))
Supplement bij Coolia 38 (1995), met sleutels tot en beschrijvingen, pentekeningen en kleurenfoto's van de Aardsterren uit Nederland en BelgiŽ. Het geeft een overzicht van verspreiding, ecologische voorkeur en evt. voor- of achteruitgang van de Aardsterren. Bij alle soorten zijn verspreidingskaartjes opgenomen.
Overzicht Overzicht van de Paddestoelen van Nederland
(E. Arnolds, Th.W. Kuyper, M.E. Noordeloos (eds.) (reprint 1999))
The Yellow Monster, containing data on distribution and ecology of all macrofungi reported for the Netherlands, with references to descriptions and illustrations in the open literature for all species. An index and a list of Dutch fungus names are available separately. Read more...
Distribution Verspreidingsatlas van de Paddestoelen van Nederland
(R. Chrispijn, J. Lennie, M. Nauta, M. Veerkamp, E.C. Vellinga (red.) (2000))
Distribution atlas of all macrofungi known from the Netherlands (updated until december 1997). The atlas comes in two parts: I) Agarics, II) the Rest.

Mycological publications of the Rijksherbarium

Persoonia Persoonia
Mycological journal of the Rijksherbarium. Publication at irregular intervals (twice a year is aimed at), with refereed papers on mostly taxonomical subjects in mycology and lichenology. Look at the Persoonia website
Psathyrella The Dutch, French and British species of Psathyrella
E. Kits van Waveren (1985)
Revision of Psathyrella, based on an extensive study of material from the three countries mentioned. Contains keys to and descriptions of all species accepted by the author. A supplement has been published in Persoonia.
Inocybe Revision of the genus Inocybe in Europe - I
Th.W. Kuyper (1986)
Revision of the smooth-spored species of Inocybe, based on European material. Contains keys to and descriptions of all species accepted by the author.

Mycological publications of the CBS

This list contains only those publications of the Centraal Bureau voor Schimmelcultures (CBS) that concern macrofungi. A complete list of CBS publications can be found on the web-site of the institute.
CBS course CBS Course in Mycology
W. Gams et al. (1998)
An introduction to systematical mycology, with an emphasis on working offered yearly by the CBS. New (4th) edition!
CBS SIM Studies in Mycology
Various authors; only a few volumes mentioned here.
The development of the hymenophoral trama in the Aphyllophorales and Agaricales.
A.F.M. Reijnders & J.A. Stalpers (1992).
The Aphyllophoraceous fungi I. Keys to the species of Thelephorales.
J.A. Stalpers (1993).
The Aphyllophoraceous fungi II. Keys to the species of Hericiales.
J.A. Stalpers (1996)

Mycological publications of the KNNV

Basisboek Paddenstoelen Basic Mushroom Book (in Dutch)
(N. Dam, Th. Kuyper, M. Dam (2006))
An indispensable book for beginners: all the relevant terminology regarding agarics and boleti is clearly explained. In addition, the book provides keys to the determination of the 500 most common species (found in at least 4% of the atlas blocks) based on characteristics which can be observed in the field. You can download the description form which is included in the book.
Paddestoelvriendelijk natuurbeheer Paddestoelvriendelijk natuurbeheer
(P.J. Keizer (2003))
This book is primarily intended for estate managers and people doing distribution fieldwork who wish to advise them. The society’s Commission on Mushrooms and Nature Conservation, of which Mr. Keizer is a member, has compiled a number of leaflets with concrete suggestions for more mushroom-friendly nature management. Read more...

Mycological issues in the series Wetenschappelijke Mededelingen (WM) of the KNNV


Niet zomaar een bos....!! Niet zomaar een bos....!! (Not just a wood….!!)
Henk Lammers, Hans van Hooff, Leon Raaijmakers, Jan van Kuik &, Theo Boudewijns (2012)
This book describes a detailed natural history research project over a period of 17 years in Coovels Wood near Helmond. The reader is lead by the hand, so to speak, through the wood. Although the emphasis is on mushrooms, attention is also paid to plants, mosses, lichens and a large number of animals. Among the 2,001 species of mushrooms found, 334 are new for The Netherlands and one new to science. These are extensively described and illustrated. The book also contains many colour photographs and comprises 440 pages.
Dutch Rust Fungi Dutch Rust Fungi
A.J. Termorshuizen & C.A. Swertz (2011)
This book presents and descripts 163 species of rust fungi, known from The Netherlands, which mainly occur on wild plants (in total on nearly 300 plant species), and 182 species which might occur in The Netherlands (in Dutch and English).
Basisrapport Rode Lijst Paddenstoelen Basisrapport Rode Lijst Paddenstoelen
Eef Arnolds & Mirjam Veerkamp (2008)
This voluminous report was presented to the Ministry of Agriculture, Nature Conservancy and Fisheries on 18 October during the celebration of the hundredth anniversary of the Dutch Mycological Society NMV. It contains the Red Data List and compares it with the Red Data List of 1996 and with surrounding countries. Read more on the infopage (in Dutch).
F.A.N. Flora Agaricina Neerlandica
Several authors
(Published by Balkema, Rotterdam; available for NMV members at the Nationaal Herbarium, Leiden)
Critical monographies of the Dutch Agarics and Boleti (Agaricales). Contains keys to families, genera and species, and descriptions thereof. Up to now five volumes have been published, dealing with (amongst others) Entolomataceae (vol. 1), Pluteaceae and Hygrophoraceae (vol. 2), part of the Tricholomataceae (vol. 3 and 4), Strophariaceae (vol. 4), Agaricaceae (vol. 5). and Coprinaceae and Bolbitiaceae (vol. 6). Read more...
Rode Lijst Bedreigde en kwetsbare paddestoelen in Nederland
Toelichting op de Rode Lijst
(E.J.M. Arnolds and G. van Ommering (1996))
Rapport IKC Natuurbeheer nr. 24, Wageningen.
Contains the official Red Data List on fungi, with a general section dealing with background of the List, the methods used for its construction and comments on specific biotopes. In Dutch, english summary.
Atlas Atlas van Nederlandse Paddestoelen
(M.M. Nauta en E.C. Vellinga (1995))
Overview of distribution, ecology and possible changes in frequency of occurrence of 375 selected species of macrofungi. This is the first volume of a series based on data collected in the national fungus mapping project of the NMV. In Dutch, english summary.
Jordaan Champignons in de Jordaan
(Rob Chrispijn et al. (1999))
Overview of the larger fungi in and around Amsterdam, with annotations, anecdotes, collection data, poems, recipies, drawings, colour photographs and so on and so forth. 1106 species! In Dutch.
NEM Gids voor de Paddestoelen in het Meetnet
(Eef Arnolds en Mirjam Veerkamp (1999))
Overview of the mushroom species included in the Dutch Network Ecological Monitoring, with beautiful colour photographs and short descriptions of all species involved. Read more...
Flevo Paddestoelen in Flevoland
(Ger van Zanen, Piet Bremer en Huub van der Aa (red.) (2000))
This booklet presents the result of 25 years of mushroom inventarisation of the Dutch Flevopolders, the new land in the former Zuiderzee.